Volunteering at Falls Creek Falls State Park

We have a volunteer opportunity January 22, 2022. The annually Spring Thaw Run takes place in our park and we will man some of the water stations for the runners. The run starts at 11 AM. Volunteers will meet at 9:45 at the Astronomy Field (Overflow Lot for the Lodge)

There are always opportunities to volunteer at the park. You can check at https://www.tnstateparks.com/parks/fall-creek-falls to see upcoming volunteer events.

In 2021 Volunteers supported Weed Wrangle on March 6th where invasive species were removed from an area in Campground A. Ranger Kristen Garrison was the lead and with five Volunteers Autumn Olive trees were removed. Weed Wrangle is a state wide event and normally takes place  at the beginning of March. It is a great way for the whole family to spend some time outdoors.

On March 23rd the Friends met to build a rail fence around the area designated for the Butterfly Garden close to the Fall Overlook.  The Butterfly Garden is sponsored by the Friends of Fall Creek Falls State Park.